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Hi. I'm developing a Windows game launcher called XANA House 1, which makes it easier to play PC games in a living room, and set up controllers. This launcher includes the ability to upload your own game snapshots, however, I also want to provide a gallery of generic snapshots. May I use images from this game in that snapshot gallery?

You can see the gallery as it currently stands, with this link :

Hi Phil! 

  Could you explain how these snapshots will be used in a bit more detail? Will they be associated with Russian Subway Dogs within the launcher in some way? The example gallery doesn't really clarify this, as all the images are small cropped, unlabeled thumbnails and seem to be generic stock images of various sorts, not game screenshots. Feel free to shoot me an email at games at spookysquid dot com if you want to discuss further. Thanks! 

Hi. Yes, you're correct that the snapshots appear generic, and don't look like they contain any copyrighted content, or content that is specific to a particular game franchise - that is exactly the goal. I can't provide a catalog of snapshots for every single PC game that has ever existed, but what I can provide are snapshots that are "close enough" to the games people download. 

Gotcha. Unfortunately I'm going to have to decline. A lot of time and effort went into the art for this game and we don't want the artwork to be used as generic placeholder artwork representing other games like this. I would recommend searching itch for some art asset packs and using those to construct the generic snapshots for your game launcher. 

Thank you for letting me know!


When DRM-Free standalone version comes out?


Planning to release the DRM-Free standalone versions as soon as the console ports are done and the final update to the game is finished. There have been some setbacks recently but hoping to wrap stuff up soon! Apologies for the delay! 

Still waiting... Just kidding of course, but yeah... :D

(Oh, I just saw the recent update and fixes on Steam, nice!)


Good news! I've got a stand alone build I've been testing that's looking like it's in a good place. Should be releasing later this month, assuming no major issues come up. Thanks for your patience!

Cool! :)


DRM free standalone versions are finally released! 
Sorry for the wait! Took far longer than originally planned.


Can we have Linux and Mac ports too?


Yep! A Linux port is already out. Mac port exists but is pre Catalina OS, I'm hoping to update that one once all the console ports are done and the final update is released. 

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just make a game out of all the stereotypes why don't you

This game is sooooo cute!


so where is the drm free version?


It's still planned but will be released after the console versions are completed.  Expect it some time in 2020. Sorry for the delay! 


Well, it's 2022 now. Any updates on that?


So first apologies that it has not been released yet. It's IS still in the works and planned for release after the console ports are done.  Current progress...

  • One of the three announced ports (PS Vita) has been released. 
  • Stand alone leaderboard is now in a shippable state and localized, this was needed for PS Vita but will also be used for the DRM free builds. 
  • Code has been ported from GMS1.4 to GMS2 (required for Mac) but still needs more testing. 

Once the Xbox One and PS4 builds have shipped I'll get to work on exporting and testing the DRM free builds.  Given the difficulties I've had estimating these releases I can't say for sure when this will happen, though I'm hoping to have everything out this year. 


Okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. 


DRM free standalone versions are finally released! 
Sorry for the wait! Took far longer than originally planned.

Hi there, I loved this game so much because it's pretty addictive and has a lot of animals and funny situations.

I wrote a review on my blog (spanish):

really looks nice!

Looks really cool

This is such a great game!