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Blobber Basher is an alien local multiplayer sports game where the ball is alive! Created for the 12th TOJam (Toronto Game Jam)!

  • 2 player local multiplayer!
  • Plays a bit like soccer!
  • Xinput gamepad and keyboard support!
  • Fast bouncy action!
  • 3 randomized play fields with unique goal and jelly block locations.

Coding: Miguel Sternberg

Art: Alina Sechkin

Music: Mac Calarco

Future Plans: we're busy finishing Russian Subway Dogs but hope to add 4 player versus, custom keyboard controls, a more emotional funball to bash and more!

Install instructions

Just unzip and run or use the Itch.io app so you'll get updates when they happen.


blobberbasher.zip (14 MB)

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