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Blobber Basher is an alien local multiplayer sports game where the ball is alive! Created for the 12th TOJam (Toronto Game Jam) and updated with new features for the Curious Cabinets arcade show!

  • 2 player local multiplayer!
  • Plays a bit like soccer!
  • Xinput + Direct Input gamepad and keyboard support!
  • Fast bouncy action! 
  • A ball with a mind of its own and a foul temper!
  • 3 Power ups including Blobber Bully!
  • 9 randomized play fields with unique goal and jelly block locations.

See an interview with Alina and Miguel on Daily Vice talking Blobber Basher and the Curious Cabinets art show.

Coding: Miguel Sternberg

Art: Alina Sechkin

Music: Mac Calarco

Future Plans: we're busy finishing Russian Subway Dogs but hope to add 4 player versus, custom keyboard controls and more!

Major update. Ball now gets angry when hit too often! Breakable jellyblocks! Power Ups! More levels! Revised sound effects! Lots of subtle fixes!

Added limited support for Direct Input controllers.  No analogue controls (yet!). Be sure to plug in controllers before launching the game. 

Install instructions

Just unzip and run or use the Itch.io app so you'll get updates when they happen.


blobberbasher.zip 14 MB

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