They Bleed Pixels new update + We're out on Nintendo Switch™!

They Bleed Pixels DRM free versions just got an update! 

This brings better support for the Nintendo Pro Controller.  It will now map the buttons correctly to their labels and use A to confirm and B to cancel just like if you were playing on console. If you play on Steam you'll see additional changes.  Itch has been running the beta for our big update from the start so got most of the benefits early! Read more about that update here.

They Bleed Pixels is also now available on Nintendo Switch! 
You can purchase it through these links US | UK | Japan or find it in the eShop  on your Nintendo Switch.  

Spooky Squid Games Discord
We now have a little Spooky Squid Games Discord! Come join us if you want to get tips on earning that one tricky bone in Russian Subway Dogs, share some speedrunning strats for They Bleed PIxels, or just hang out!   -

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Version 5 Oct 25, 2020 330 MB
Version 5 Oct 25, 2020 330 MB
Version 5 Oct 25, 2020

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